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Interactive Buddy 2

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If ever there was a game that will bring out the best and the worst in players, then it surely has to be Interactive Buddy 2. The best is your affection for your "Buddy" who is in effect a man made of bubbles. With a lovable little voice, he appears so helpless and naive, that you can't help feeling sorry for him. But it won't last long.

You see the object of this game is to cause your little buddy as much physical pain and distress as possible in return for some money, not real money I hasten to add. However, you can use the money won to purchase more fiendish weapons with which you attack your buddy in even more horrible ways.

The array of "weapons" you can use are plentiful, such as rocks, grenades, exploding barrels, basketballs, meteoroids, lightning and even a good old-fashioned upper-cut from your fist. These are just a few of the ingenious array of weapons you can purchase and there are literally dozens more. You can also set him on fire and if you are feeling particularly nasty you can extinguish him, only to attack him in some other devilish way.

If you want twice the fun with Interactive Buddy 2, you can introduce some romantic interest with Buddy's very own girlfriend "Buddy Girl". With her around you can attack both of them. You can also take Buddy's love life in an entirely different direction and make Buddy Girl his enemy, so now your poor Buddy has both you, and his erstwhile girlfriend on his case.

You can create various scenes and structures in which to place Buddy, and if they are good enough upload them for other players of the game to use. If you like their scenes, then you can use them to add to your fun. Interactive Buddy 2 is a simple, fun, and humorous game that has no complicated rules so you can start playing immediately. No matter how soft hearted you are, you'll not get tired up beating up on your "Buddy". it’s what he is there for.

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